Customer Service Proposal
  • No more than 4 pages in A4 size OR
    use the Template provided by the Organizer
  • Written in Chinese/English
  • Executive summary on service provided by the Company
  • Details of customer service programme
  • No more than 10 pages in A4 size
  • Written in Chinese/English
  • Company background
  • Supplementary information such as illustrative photos, diagrams, tables, figures can be included
  • If the Proposal does not conform to the format as specified, it may be returned to the participating company.
  • Any proposal that has been previously submitted will not be accepted.
Content of Proposal (For Reference only)
The proposal should be written concisely and as brief as possible.
1. Objective and Service Philosophy

What are the missions, objectives and vision of your company towards customer service excellence?

  • You may mention the core service(s) provided by your company. The company background is suggested to be included in the appendix.
  • The Proposal should only cover the details of customer service programme.
2. Overall Strategy & Implementation
2.1 Overall strategy of the programme (Why)

How is the customer service programme developed?

For example:

  • To achieve company's missions, objectives and visions
  • Through identifying company's market position and segments
  • To respond to customer expectation
2.2 What are the initiatives/activities of the customer service programme? What does the company aim to accomplish? (What)

You may include on-going programme, or new activity/programme (which should have been launched) in addition to the on-going programme, or combining both. These initiatives/activities should be able to:

  • Through identifying company's market position and segments
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of staff, and provide incentive to encourage staff to deliver excellent customer service
  • Provide value-added service to surpass customer's expectation
  • Strengthen the communication between the company/staff and customers
  • I mprove the facilities/equipment provided, or re-structure the service process to provide better service to customer
  • Buttress loyalty of staff/customers towards the company
  • Initiatives/activities mentioned in the Proposal should be associated direct or indirectly to enhance the level of customer service.
  • The Proposal should focus on customer service initiatives/activities instead of the products or services offered for sale.
  • Company should highlight the customer service features/ activities which are distinctive from others.
2.3 Implementation (How)

How are the programme going to be implemented?

You may briefly elaborate the ways to implement the programme, such as:

  • Timeframe of the programme, whether it is conducted by phases
  • Target participants of the programme, whether it is implemented to a specific department or a certain level of staff
  • Involvement of the management, whether it is initiated by staff or a top-down approach
  • Other details of implementation as deemed appropriate
3. Creativity & Service Innovation
  • Any changes/breakthrough made to traditional service processes/ operations that help engage customers and make interaction with customers, providing customers a unique and exciting service experience?
  • You may elaborate what would be the most distinctive and creative item(s) of your customer service programme/ activities throughout the processes from planning, formulation, implementation to measurement.
4. Assessment Mechanism & Results
4.1 The customer service programme should set out an assessment mechanism to measure the effectiveness of the initiatives/activities mentioned in the Proposal. The assessment mechanism may include:
  • Mystery Shopper Assessment
  • Feedback from customers
  • Views collected from staff
  • Others e.g. survey and data analysis/li>
4.2 Results/Effectiveness as measured against programme objectives
  • What are the results obtained from the assessment of the programme?
  • Does the programme achieve the objectives as planned?
  • Any changes have been observed to the customer satisfaction level?
  • How can the results contribute to support a sustainable enhancement in customer service?
  • Any award received at local or international level should be mentioned?
5. Cost Effectiveness & Sustainability
  • Briefly elaborate if there are any actions to sustain or review the company’s service programmes/ plans so as to maintain high-quality customer service levels.
  • Is your company satisfied with the relative effectiveness of the resources and manpower costs devoted to the service programmes/plans?